Pune Motorcycle Club.

Established on the 1st of May 2019, an initiative initiated by a few colleges going students to unite people from Pune; irrespective of what they ride, where they’re from, what they do. Pune Motorcycle has had its first lady rider and is on the lookout for more such examples of strong icons. What mattered was ‘Passion’ fueled by the true sense of brotherhood.

Pune Motorcycle Club Also Known As PMC, like any other Motorcycling group aims to spread awareness of helmets and other important gears such as jackets, gloves, knee pads, etc amongst people who ride any sort of two-wheelers. PMC is a strong community with 70+ active members with future professionals like digital entrepreneurs, writers, vloggers, engineers, businessmen, and much more. Differences amongst one another turning into reasons to bringing people together, happily.

26th Jan,2020.
Diwali- the festival of lights,2019.

Riding has always proved to be therapeutic and healing for the community. Through the year, PMC as a community has not just tried to help its fellow members, but also help people outside the community who’ve been less fortunate -through small gestures. PMC has actively tried to be part of social drives; be it awareness or donation rides.

Our attempt to bring smiles on these lil angels faces.

“We Ride To Unite”

                       – Pune Motorcycle Club.

The upcoming lil riders.

PMC has a systematic method of functioning; be it conducting rides or filtering through members. ‘Quality over Quantity’ is an important aspect of PMC. Certain guidelines, rules, and regulations need to be followed by all members of the community. Do you think you have what it takes?

Check us out on our official Instagram  account- @punemotorcycleclubofficial

Founder’s Instagram Handle- @dnyanesh_d7

A travel freak on two wheels.

Awake before I could hear the first chirps of the morning birds. I was up, on my feet gathering my stuff for the day ahead. I called my friend Mustafa aka Musti; my friend cum brother cum pillion cum navigator to check on him. Quickly Freshened up, grabbed my jacket, my boots, gloves and, strapped on my protective gear.

Can you relate to this, where you just want to stop for a second, admire a beauty that stands in front of you? Well, that’s my cue, there she stood, ‘Sakhi’, a 160cc engine that powered my love to travel!

Hopped on, hit the ignition and rode my way to Musti’s society, as I reached his society around 5:15 am, I give him a call to inform my arrival before I knew it, I heard this fast rhythm of footsteps…*laughs* excited Musti running towards me, yeah, we both were super excited for the day! He hops on and there we were; on our way to Bhandardara.

Bhandardara is a village near Igatpuri, in the western ghats of India. The village is located at the Akole district of Maharashtra. It is around  170 kilometers from Pune. The attractions in Bhandardara include Wilson Dam, Arthur Lake, Randha waterfalls and, the recent attraction; Fireflies camp in Purushwadi.

Bhandardara is rich in heritage and has beautiful nature spots that include Ratangad and Harishchandragad forts. Tourists are welcome to go trekking; you can follow the trails that lead you to the peaks of Ajoba and Ghanchakkar. Maharashtra’s highest peak, Mount Kalsubai is also located here. The starting point for this trek is Bari Gaon/Village, which is located 12kms away from Bhandardara.

There are two routes to Bhandardara; a)Nagar Highway and b) Nashik Highway. Due to the road conditions, I believe that Nashik Highway is a better alternative. As we were crossing Dighi, we encountered heavy rains that lasted for the next 5-6kms. ‘ Petrol fuels a mechanical engine, but CHAI fuels us Indians’. We made a halt at local Tea stall; The cool winds, rains, and some hot chai, bliss, it’s never late for some chai.!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Just before reaching our destination, we could see a long trail of tall white structures; huge windmills that spun with the winds, it was a magnificent view. Google maps were pretty accurate. We reached Umbrella Waterfall by noon.  As we neared, we could hear the waterfall clearer.  A  waterfall falling from massive steeps with tiny droplets of water falling on us. We could see people gaze the sky in astonishment, Musti, and I were puzzled. We looked up, right above the huge waterfall was a beautiful, magical view of a rainbow! That was such a mesmerizing sight! It surely will be one of my fondest memories. Umbrella waterfall is one of the most visited spots on Bhandardara, so you can surely find a lot of tourists there.

On the way back from Umbrella Waterfall, we made a halt at a local food stall for some steaming hot Vada pav and some amazing masala chai(remember, IT IS NEVER LATE FOR CHAI). We thought of going to old school and asking for help from the locals rather than checking Google for more tourist spots around us. He recommended us to visit Randha Waterfall. Randha waterfall is located 2kms away from Bhandardara.The roads are way better comparatively. You can pay and park here, there are proper parking zones to ensure that you and the other tourists have a pleasant visit.

Randha Falls is a quiet and calm place not with a lot of tourists. In case you do get hungry, there are decent restaurants around the corner.

It is recommended that you leave Bhandardara anywhere between 4 pm and 5 pm because of the bad road conditions and poor street lighting.

We left by4:30pm and managed to reach the highway by 5 pm.On the way back we found a rider heading to Pune too. We decided to ride together as it was getting darker and it thought it’d be safer. Halfway through, we decided to halt at a dhabha and decided to grab some biryani. Biryani- uniting people since existence. We had an amazing conversation, narrated our biker journeys, how we loved exploring new places… We had a great time! We hit the roads post-dinner and arrived Pune by 9:30. We were lucky to not find much traffic on our way back.

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My First Trek but definitely not my last.

Devkund, a journey that I’ll never forget. Camping was something that’s always been in my bucket list. Fascinated watching Bear Grylls in action; I’d picture myself into similar situations and the question of ‘what if”s were going to turn into my ‘it was’. As excited as little kid going to a theme park.

Backpacking is an important part of the trekking experience. It is better to start making a list of the things you’ll need to carry for the camp a few days prior. The things I believe that are necessary for a camp are :

  1. water ( at least 4 liters per head)
  2. snacks
  3. extra clothes
  4. portable charger
  5. Odomos (for those guys who sing you lullaby by when you’re trying to rest)
  6. towels

Benson, Joel; my friends, and I left for Devkund around 7:30am. The drive is approximately 102 kilometers from Pune. We made sure we had a nutritious breakfast and not too heavy because of the journey and the trek ahead. We had amazing music playing; genres like techno, psychedelic, orchestras. The drive was truly beautiful. We had mountains on the left, on the right a river!! We made a few stops on the way.


We had a few friends come in from Mumbai too for the trek. We arrived at 11:40 am. Google maps were pretty accurate for us, luckily.

We had a nutritious lunch. We carried extra liters of water cause we were camping the night there too. The restaurants at the base village do provide delivery at the night. They charge ₹250 per head for the delivery. The trek is nearly a 10km trek. I would recommend a week’s time of cardio workouts. It’ll probably take 3 hours for an individual one way.

We were 9 of us in total. Kenny, the fittest amongst us lead the group with a speaker playing loud and pumping psychedelic music. It’s quite motivating to have the fittest lead the way. I tailed the group along with Joel, ’it was like following the music into the dense forests. The trek to Devkund was truly beautiful.


We walked by the banks, into the dense forests and water streams.


Just a few hundred meters before the waterfall is an old wooden bridge. The screeching sounds from the bridge made it even all together exciting. We could hear the waterfall as we were neared.

There we were, two huge rocky bodies meeting a point from where the waterfall is, and right underneath the water was the temple a little behind the waterfall. We took a dip in the cold water pool. A remedy, refreshing, and the perfect reward for our efforts.

We set back at 5pm. It’s advised to reach the base village before sunset as it gets dark quickly.

The best time to Visit Devkund would be anytime after the monsoons. Devkund has turned out to be fatal during the monsoons.

With more people coming to know about Devkund, plastic wrappers and bottles are becoming a common sight for the tourists. Please avoid littering at all costs and let us try making any tourist spot more welcoming and memorable with our small initiatives.




And she always doubted herself

what did that single tick mark mean

that showed on her screen

was it cause she failed him

or was it his priorities


Loneliness or was it her overthinking

but it only got her depressed

as she wondered

days became longer and her nights sleepless